I'm not sure how I feel about the girl I'm dating being an escort?

Recently I have started seeing this girl. We have already started sleeping with each other since the first date. Things have been going pretty good, she's extremely open and honest and i'm sure she has told me everything I could possibly need to know about her.

Her open statement of the week was "I think I want to be an escort again" as she has been working as a receptionist and wanted to know what I thought of the idea.
I feel she would have done the job whether I was ok with it or not.

At first I said I don't particulary want other people fucking my potential girlfriend from 6pm at night to 6am 4 days a week.
The agreement came around after a while that I said it was ok if she supplies me with weed and treats me with gifts to show her appreciation.
Her sex drive is extreme so I'm not worried about her not wanting to sleep with me.
Tonight is her first night on the job and now that the time has come and i'm really not sure about it anymore.

Her reasoning for becoming as escort is the money, and that she doesn't have to work as hard as a receptionist to make a decent amount of money.

So currently I'm confused and not sure if I should walk away from this or not.


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  • Honestly, if you're thinking about furthering your relationship, just be open with her the way she is with you and let her know that you aren't really comfortable with it. There's only two options, you deal with it, if she wants to work or walk away.

    • There's a little bit more to it, She's really possessive of me and always wants to know what i'm doing or who's texting me.
      I have been open the agreement was i'm ok.
      I feel she would get angry if I said I wasn't ok with it now and walked out.
      But in reality she would stop if she cared enough.

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  • A man walks away, with enough said.

    A pimp, put his hands out for his share of the action. You don't have a relatioship what you have is female who respects nothing but a dollar.

  • Lol... I have an extreme drive and would date her. But I am another breed. Just make sure she is health conscious (no exceptions) and also if she is hot, she must charge a lot. Escorts cost me shitloads

  • What the heck is going on in this world!! is there anyone sane?

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