Would a guy be willing to get back together with a girl if she genuinely apologized for overreacting unnecessarily, or would the guy just move on?

About a year ago, I had finished my college degree in the United States and was headed to France to continue my studies in grad school. During my time in college, I met a guy and we became very close friends, then fwb, then friends again. Before I left for France, he suddenly had feelings for me and we hooked up. A few weeks after arriving in France, I overreacted in response to what I thought was him being disrespectful to me during one of our conversations, but he wasn't being disrespectful at all. He did not take it well and cut off contact with me for quite a while. I realized I had messed up big time and sincerely apologized in order to get back into his good graces. He started talking to me again several months ago, and things have been okay for a while now. After having a huge nightmare and waking up this morning (Tuesday, October 7, 2014) to a large amount of guilt due to the way I overreacted, is there any way he would still want to get back together when I return to the States? I worry that maybe he has moved on and will only want me as a friend and nothing more after the way I treated him. (Side note: Although he and I live in different parts of the same state in the US, he recently expressed a desire to see me in December when I go back home for Winter Break.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I think an overreaction is easily forgiveable, unless is something frequent. If he's not seeing anyone now I think the chances are high that he will want to get back to you.

    • This is a first-time offense for me, but after overreacting, it's definitely something I won't be repeating again.

  • Depends on the guy, exactly how you overreacted and how often it has happened in the past. You won't know until you try.

    • I overreacted through texting by calling him out for treating me like a doormat and taking me for granted when he didn't do either of those things. He simply stopped texting me in the middle of a conversation, and had probably planned to get back to me later because he had to go to class. That was literally the only time I overreacted. If I feel this guilty, I can't begin to imagine how hurt he must have felt after reading those words.

    • Then probably but it depends on the guy and how mature he is.

    • I'd say he's pretty mature considering he wasn't afraid to cut off all contact with me after I chewed him out.

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