Girls only: what not to do in a relationship and or when getting to know a girl?

Hey hey! I've met a girl and I wanna get to know her and she wants to take things slow which is cool. I'm secure, confident, all the usual stuff. However, I want to know from women and girls: what's some of your bad experiences and at what point does a guy become possessive? What NOT to do when getting to know a girl and/or when you're in a relationship with a girl? PEACE


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  • Ask her for her number. And If you already have it that's even better. Text her later in the day like around 7 or 8 so it's still early but late. If you can, have a really long conversation, Text til 1 or 2 am if possible, because that will make her feel closer to you. But whatever you do, do not become obsessed with texting her because if she's giving you short answers and the conversation is dragging on, you will just get on her nerves and you will just become possessive of her like you said. Once you get closer to her ask her to hangout with you and If you want, bring some of your friends along so that she won't feel pressured. If you do hangout make sure to always tell her how nice she looks, because girls love it when guys tell them how cute they look. In my experience, being a annoying and not knowing when to take a hint and stop bothering me is the biggest annoyance a guy that likes me can do. And don't make her feel pressured in any way if you want any chance with her.


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  • Fart in her pressence.

    • Ew. But I have a friend that does that to me all the time. He's so gross. I'm used to it now.

    • Sure when you know eachother for a longer time it gets different (I still prefer not to but I've seen people who are totally comfortable with it). Although when you are getting to know someone.. I would not do it..