Would guys ever lie about "taking it one day at a time" in a new relationship with a girl?

I started dating this guy about 6 weeks ago. Prior to meeting up we had a lot of email exchange or texts.

We both have never had a serious, long-term relationship. On our second date, he was being very affectionate and sweet and I was a bit shy about it at first but warmed up easily. He told me he kind of likes me. He clarified he said kind if b/c he didn't want to seem maniacal. And I said I kind of liked him too and was taking it one day at a time.

He also tends to kiss my hand, cheeks, and forehead a lot. And really likes to hug me from behind. He gave me his vest when I was cold during our last date.

Since he has a crappy phone plan, we talked about doing Skype. He told me on our last date he specifically bought a Mic for his computer for me... I smiled and beamed... but then he corrected himself, saying it was more for his father who complained about the poor sound quality. Later, when we were taking about the relationship he reiterated he was taking it one day at a time... is he just saying that cause I said that before? Cause I wonder if he actually has deeper feelings for me but like he said, he doesn't want to come across maniacal?


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  • Yes and no. I'd guess he got all the ideas going through his head as anyone that's in love, but it kinda means he know it's a risky idea and doesn't want to promise anything before you two know it's possible to make it work.
    At least that's my best guess.


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  • im sure most guys mean it but they are still vulnerable to getting caught up in the heat of the moment and things just happen. I think he's just reassuring himself more than trying to reassure you possibly.

  • Everyone lies, reasons and situations vary. Would a guy ever lie about wanting to take it slow,... of course. He sounds like a decent guy aside from the overly repetitive kisses to the hands, forehead, and cheek as you describe as,"a lot." Honestly you need to go with your gut, more often than not that gut feeling is triggered by some idiosyncrasy that you observe. If you feel comfortable to give it a shot and see what happens then do it. Regardless of the outcome you will learn something.


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