Is this a warning sign that he doesn't feel the same way about me?

So I've been dating a guy for exactly a month today. We haven't had the relationship talk but we exclusively dating each other.

The other day he was having a really bad day, and we had plans to hang out that night. So I tried my best to be there for him because he was super frustrated about school work he had to do before his doctor appointments he had- which he will be missing two or three days of school for.

We got back to his place, watched some tv-- at which point he kept bringing my hand into his boxers to massage his member. I was a little forced but he was having a bad day and I knew I wouldn't see him for a couple of days so I obliged. After the show was over he immediately went to sleep, so I did too. I should mention here that is was barely past 10pm so not late for us at all.

Woke up the next morning and skipped my morning class because I thought we were going to have some intimate time before he left and I wouldn't see him for the rest of the week. He basically blew me off and wouldn't wake up. Eventually I had to go to my second class at 9am and he just kept sleeping. I even had told him that night that I had a surprise for him (aka a sexy bra and the only bra of mine he hasn't seen yet). Needless to say he didn't bother trying to see it that night, even though he expressed interest in it when I said it originally.

I feel a little used the way that he had me stroke his member for some stress relief, instead of showing me that he actually cared that he wouldn't be able to see me for a while. I get having a bad day-- but even in the morning I tried to sweetly wake him up but that didn't work. And I left earlier than I needed to because I had sat there for an hour waiting for him to get up, and told him I was leaving because I was wide awake and he was still sleeping.. he didn't make any effort to have me to stay.

His not caring that we wouldn't see each other for a while.. Is this a warning sign?


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  • I think you're just overreacting. especially if this is a one time thing. If it happens at a regular basis, then yes you need to have a talk with him. If this was a first thing, give him a pass. Sounds like he's had a rough time lately.


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