Would this guy blackmail me?

had a relationship online for somtime now over a year or so,... in the past i sent a few nudes without my face in them ofcourse, and 3 other pics with my face in it but not nude one's...

and we do dirty chats and emails,... now i was kinda young when i meet this guy online and still chat with him till today,...

but at times i doubt he would blackmail me? coz a firend of mine blackmailed me in the past and discovering that feeling is very horrible, my weight droped to 118 lbs to 101 lbs,..

and plus i was stupid enough to give him my name...

but we live in two different countries though.

i thot of breaking up with him but im kinda scared he could blackmail me, although in the past he never ever threathen me or presured me into anything... and he never talks about his own problems but instead he listens to mine,

and the reason i talk to this person is becuase i never had a bf and not even uptill now...

please advice me in what i should so and please no rude answers here.

ok iv asked this for my firend this is not about me at all,.. sorry if some of you are confused about this.


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