Is insecure girl a big turn off for a guy?

I was bullied a lot about the way I look in high school. Being called ugly every day for 3 years (mostly by guys) definitely had a huge negative impact to my self image. I'm a bit insecure, I don't like to be but I can't change how I feel about myself just like that. I'm thinking it's a huge turn off for a guy?


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  • It's ok at first, but if it causes problems with basic communication and emotional bonding it'll be determined that you're just not ready to date. Things like pulling back from hugs "because you're ugly" will just get annoying and assumed to be playing games.

    Insecurity's natural but should only really happen in the first few dates. After that you should be 100% comfortable with each other.


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  • i been bullied in school for my looks, weight etc
    it's hell cause i was attractive to online girls who are
    considered plane girls to average looking , cute to me
    they would turn me down cause of their self esteem
    but they did say they were attracted to me this one
    girl would say all kinds of lies just so i wouldn't like her
    few said, they were raped victims, all kinds of stuff
    yes lot girls talked to me i guess we had the same
    thing with self esteem issues some faked pregnancies,
    some would fake suicide

    • Insecure girls can be turn off cause they think all guys
      are out to bully them and say stuff to them to be hurtful
      not all guys are like that for sure

  • not at all but one of the things I want to work on in a girl is to get her a good confidence basis when in a relationship with me, her being confident makes me feel more comfortable

  • A little bit is cute, but very very insecure is a bit of a turn off.

  • well, guys only have one way of showing a girl that they find her attractive. If that works, then there isn't an issue. If it doesn't, then it can get annoying real fast.

  • no it isn't a turn off unless it keeps you form doing stuff with the guy or your whinny or Nagy about it that mite get on a guys nervous after awhile but just a little insecure is fine


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