I think I like my best guy friend.. do I tell him?

i'm in a bit of a pickle right now... my best guy friend has been seeing this girl for a month almost, hooking up daily, going on dates every now and then... she's pretty trashy, a bit psychotic... none of his friends like her.

One of his friends told me he likes me right before this happened, and i've always gotten the vibe (and still do) that he likes me. He doesn't treat other girls like me, especially not this girl.

I've been trying to figure out my feelings... I adore him and I think he has the best personality ever, so incredibly sweet and fun... but there are some things that he does that really irritate me (ex. he doesn't try hard at his job, super lazy, doesn't care about taking care of his health, still drinks like he's in college). I don't know if these are petty things to worry about? I'm just worried if I did date him that I would get really annoyed at some of these personal habits. I don't want to date him and lose our friendship.

I'm nervous that if he dates this other girl and things get serious, i could lose my shot. But i'm also nervous that i tell him, we date and things end up awful. I don't want to hurt him. I'm just so torn. We click so well, and I adore him, i'm just so more ambitious and i feel like i'm in a different spot then him.


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  • if you are serious about a relationship, don't go into it with a list of things that need fixing. Men love women for what they are at the moment, women love men for what they believe they can make them. both ultimately end in disappointment. You need to ask your self if the list of problems does not get fixed are you still ok with him?

    • do you think it's worth trying and risking the friendship?

    • Friendships come and go as do relationships, you will have to decide which is more important

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