First date.... Does all seem to be going well.....

On Saturday I had a first date with a guy who I have been talking to online. We talked for a week then he asked me out. I have been out of the dating game for quite a while and would appreciate your help.

We spent about 8 1/2 hours together on saturday, we went for a long walk around, had lunch together, went bowling, had dinner then watched a film at the cinema, About half way through the date he surprised me with a kiss. We had several other kisses through the date, he also cuddled me and when we was in the cinema he sat with his hand on my leg and holding it.

Throughout the date we talked about lots of different things and seemed to get on well. In the date he asked me, if we have a relationship how will things work out. He also told me about past dates that he has been on. He told me about the one he had a week before me and how bad it went and said he deleted the girls number off his phone and off Facebook because he did not want anything to do with her. He also said to me that it is nice to meet someone who does not have a kid.

At the end of the date I give him a lift to the train station. He said thank you for a very nice day, kissed me several times and said see you soon. He then text me when he was on the train and we text a couple of other times. He also commented on my status on Facebook later that evening.

I have been texting him since everyday and he has replied to all of the messages and asks how my day has been, what am I up to and we txt each other night and he always replies to that and puts a kiss in every message. On sunday I text him to see if he wanted to do anything but he said sorry he can not as he is skint to pay day and has some things to sort out. I know he is skint because he has had a lot of time off work due to an operation he had.

He had a hospital appointment today and he told me about that on the date and we have talked about it today.

I have an idea of some free things to do on Sunday. I would like to do them with him but I don't want to come across as pushy. I like what I know about him so far and want to spend more time with him. Because he asked me on first date should I make the move now?

From what I have told you and what I know about him from past dates does all seem good, does he seem interested? Is it good that he replies to all of my messages?

Sorry it is so long, I just wanted to you to know the full story.

I have been out of the game for so long and don't want to mess this up. Please help. Thank you.


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  • It sounds like he is definitely interested and there are many positive signs he is giving off. I don't think it is being pushy by inviting him out. You've put time into thinking about things to do that are free and I think he will be touched by that. In addition, I think it sends out a good message when a lady steps up to the plate on occasion to plan things. This takes the pressure off of the guy and also affirms for him your interest.

    Continue to take things as they come. I know it's hard but try not to analyze your or his every move, because it will drive you crazy! Be yourself, try to relax and enjoy learning about this new guy.

    • Thank you for your answer. He has still been going on the dating site? I guess that is normal as nothing is offical/could he be looking at messages? Also if he had no interest would he have done the same to me as the other girl, deleted my number and deleted me as a friend on Facebook? He had a bad experience with previous date, told me what happend and why he deleted her. But has txt bk to my every message.

    • Try to remember that the last person was not you. They didn't mesh and that's why he deleted her number and removed her from FB.

      He is responding to you, he is interested by every means so enjoy him. Since you both are not official, he still has the "right" to keep his options open. However, I would venture to say your the center of his attention now.

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