Should I have stayed?

I was on vacation visiting an old army buddy for a week. I had quit my job and decided to see him while I had the chance. Vacation went well and to end it we decided to eat out before my plane left. There was a wait so we wandered about and I was left with the buzzer for when our table was ready. When we were called it was just me and my buddy's daughter that got seated. This left me pretty much alone to converse with our very lovely waitress. There were smiles and chit chat as she took our drinks, nothing overly flirty I don't think. The rest of my friends family caught up and was seated finally. As we ordered, and subsequent times she came back to check on us, my buddy kept looking at me odd. When we finished and the checks came (we split them up) he wrote something involving me liking her and put my phone # down. I never saw it but that was what I could get out of him. She came back and said we were "funny", with a playful smile though. I admitted she was very attractive and we proceeded to leave. My flight was leaving in less than 2 hours and it was 30 min to the airport. On the way back to the car my friends entire family was trying to get me to go back and ask her out. He even told me I could stay with him another 2 weeks. While I appreciate it he lives 2.5 hours away from where she works and he only has 1 car that he said I could use. He's a bit impulsive. I wouldn't feel right taking the only car from a family of 5. I also don't have a job so renting would slowly make me broke. I reasoned that even if I did stay it would be too stressful a relationship being 100+ miles away and me not having a job. And if I did get one in the mean time, then getting schedules to match. And that's if she even said yes. My friend and his family said we were "in love" from the way we looked at each other. Did I make a mistake? Should I go back if she calls? Right now that's 2k miles away. The only thing I know for sure is she has the most beautiful smile.

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  • It's sweet you liked the girl. If you have her number or she texts you, become friends first. A lot of relationships don't last, because they'll start a relationship without knowing each other. So maybe it is a good thing you too are kinda far from each other as of right now. But if you can, TALK TO HER! Visit a few times, just don't fall head over heels. You need to be friends with the girl first before you date her!

    • I'm absolutely for getting to know her. What I pointed out to my friend was that I know absolutely nothing about her, or she me. All I have is her name and I doubt she remembers mine. I have no way to contact her and plane tickets aren't cheap. Even if I did go back, there is no guarantee she would even be there. Aside from her calling me (very slim chance) this was a once in a lifetime chance I passed up. If I could contact her though you are totally right.

    • Call the restaurant! Ask if she's working today. They usually give out info like that. Some restaurants I go to, I make sure my waitresses are there! And call and talk to her and ask for her personal number to text her. I'm sure it'd be sweet and not creepy depending on how you talk to her over the phone.

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