Just need honest options from guys. I don't get confused easily but he's confused me?

Okay so here it is I guess the typical girl question should I leave it alone? We hit it off. Had sex a few times.. best sex I've ever had which is probably why I'm feeling him so much in all honesty. He started texting me every night and every morning at 4 am when he left for work to tell me good morning. We talked quite frequently and great sex okay... now I'm interested. Well one day I wanted to go to the amsument park in my city. I hit him up he was all excited saying we would have a blast blah blah blah. Texted me the whole day after that and then the day comes.. I don't here from him all day! Finally I text him and say I'm leaving in an hour if you still want to go... hear nothing so I went I tool my friend. And I had a fucking blast: ) when we leave I check my phone and had a Facebook message from him it read "Hey!!! I'm sorry my phone broke this morning. I'm so so sorry I'm ready if you still want to go I'm down!!" I obviously didn't see that before I left. So I replied at midnight when I got home and said I'm back in town now if you want to hangout ;) and it's okay. He seen it on Facebook the next morning and did not reply. He's been on once a few day's after and I haven't heard from him in about a month. Nothing online. Haven't texted him don't want to bother him. But I do miss him and hope he's okay. Well it's been a month should I just leave it alone? Please guys answer. :/


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  • leave it alone i feel like he should come to you and realize what he's doing isn't right i don't think he used you for sex at all but i think he is going out and have sex and everytime sex is great with someone doing this pattern i would be careful and just let him come to you because for him to ignore u and be that immature he's not worth it trying to fix or do anything with if he can't be mature enough to act like a adult about everything and reply back

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