What are good first dates I can take a girl?

Besides dinner I don't think that's a good date unless we both know each other really well, both of us are always too nervous to eat.

What are good first dates I can take a girl? Date ideas?


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  • Mini golf! Bowling! Desserts (not nearly as long as dinner). Museums. International food markets. Etc. Do something that 1. doesn't require your full attention on one another (like dinner) cuz it'll just make it more pressured. 2. don't do an amusement park or something big and day long because if it is awkward it will be a very long day. 3. have fun! go to an arcade or something similar. something that keeps you two busy but that you can still bond and get to know one another while doing it!

    • Movies are fun and hey it means you don't have to talk to her but that's the problem. You don't talk. You two don't get to know each other any more than when you first walked into the theatre. Plus then there's the whole movable armrest problem. I'd advise against movies on the first couple of dates.

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  • I think evening walks are really romantic. Especially if you live in a nice area. Like Paris, Rome, Prague and stuff like that. Those are the cutest dates ever, i my opinion ^-^ You don't have to be in places like that to make it nice, just take her somewhere nice, a park or a river maybe? Though that's not really ideal for the evening. Or amusement park, those are awesome. Water park is a good one as well. Or a simple coffee'n'cake. Everyone likes cake.

    Anyway, I think that's enough ideas. Sorry for the lack of organization, I just wrote what came to my head XD

  • I think that it would be cool to take her to an amusment park and maybe after get frozen yogurt since after the park you won't be as nervous.


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