My crush called me a sweetcheeks, but supposibly likes another guy?

My crush called me "Sweetcheeks", but says she likes someone else. (Whom i feel she's making up stories about).
*see other question for why I feel that way*
Anyways, she earlier today was talking about how amazing the other guy is but then said something about how she liked the way he dressed and all this other stuff. Which she then said
"not say you don't do any of those sweetcheeks"

I'm not sure whether she likes me or not. I feel it's like 20/80, 20 being she does.

Should I call her a nickname back, or should I not, if so, what are a few suggestions?

Thank you all


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  • If your close to her and you are pretty confident that there is no other guy, then it may be a tactic to get you jealous (oldest trick in the book) by saying, " oh we had such a great time, I love the way he does... , You would really like him" things like that it makes it seem like she's having a really good time without you. Kind of mean but its worked enough for you to start asking right? Anyway's I'm not going to tell you to just be upfront with her and tell her how you feel because every one knows that can be bloody challenging. All i can say is from my perspective if I was doing this and there was no other guy it would be a way for me to flirt but have a safety guard to fall back on, like im flirting with you but if you don't feel the same way i can brush it off and pretend its part of my confident girl act where i just call EVERYONE sweetheart and that Im actually already intrested in someone else. Everyones afraid of rejection and the way i see it as long as this other guy is fake she is definetly ntrested, there would be no reason for her to tell you all that if she wasn't trying to make you feel jealous im sure she's got heaps of girlfriends to blab about her 'man' with so there is really only one reason she's talking to you.
    Sorry if this was really conusing and didn't make any sense. Hopefully i could clear a little bit up haha good luck

    • Thank you soooo much, amazing response. However, there's not a single way to find out if this guy is real, and I can't really like ask her if she wants to do something, because I don't want to interfere IF there is another guy. When I confronted her about it she said I can think whatever I want to think, and that it "doesn't affect her"

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    • Honey, that is exactly what it means. Two people can hang out with out being a couple, she likes you but not in the same way so I think she values you as a friend. Just find something low pressure to do, something fun that you will both enjoy and maybe get a chance to show her what a great guy you are?

      If you dated when you were 12 well then yes things have probably changed, lets face it, no one was cool at 12.

    • Well I'm still only a freshman now.-.
      14 years old.

      But like, I know what she meant it's just, what's some 'settle' to do as just friends. I've honestly never been in this situation

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