How long after meeting online do you wait to talk on the phone?

I met this guy a little over a week ago on badoo. I like him but so far we have only been emailing and I really don't like emailing. I find it to be slow and too time consuming, I would rather have a phone or video chat for 10 mins that to email throughout the day. He tells me he likes me and I am intrigued by him, but if email is the only means of communication then I'd rather leave him alone.

I've given him my phone number and my skype, but he just messages on Skype and it's just about as slow as email.

How long do you usually wait? Do you have any suggestions about what I should do?

I ended up telling him that our communication styles just didn't blend well, and that to avoid wasting time we should find people who more closely match our preferences. He wasn't upset and appreciated my honesty.
I ended up just telling him that we wanted different things and were only headed down a path of frustration if we continued to communicate. He was not willing to do anything but chat and I was not interested in a penpal that lived in the same area.


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  • If someone is unwilling to exchange phone numbers then you're probably just being played with. Don't waste your time. Any genuine person will talk to you and get to know you.


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  • Some people are shy on Skype - some think they look bad or their hair is a mess or whatever. Others are hiding something - like they are using a fake picture or are older than they say they are. Webcam chats are a sure fire way of weeding out such people. I would schedule a video chat for a day or two after when you're texting on Skype so they have no excuses, then if they keep on backing out, you know something's fake.


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  • me and my boyfriend talked on the phone 2 days after we met each other... weve been together for 3 years now... he had lived 15 mins away from me... its crazy because i love talking about how we met each other and wether or not he thought we would make it this far.. were getting married in january...

    • Awwww! How cuuuuuute!!! ⌒.⌒

    • lol oh stop your making me blush here... it was so crazy because for years he had lived 15 mins away from me and we shared a mutual friend...