Girls only: this girl is being really really weird to me lately?

I met this girl and I asked for her number, she didn't want to give it but I kept talking to her and it all ended well. I saw her the other day and I noticed her whole body language and face open up: she became really really talkative to the people around her. Then, I made a psstt psstt noise and she turned and I waved to her. She was a bit busy but waved back with a weird look: not a look of hate but a look of frustration?
I am trying to get this girl as she is so adorable and cute but she's not letting me in... Anything I asked for, it's been turned down but she knows I like her...


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  • She knows you like her, and she's turning you down and not letting you in. She's not interested. There's nothing you can really do if a girl doesn't like you, but accept it?
    And she also might have a boyfriend.
    I don't know.. I hate it when a guy knows I'm not interested and yet still tries.


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