Can someone tell me why a person would say they miss you, and then ignore you?

Can someone tell me why a person would say they miss you, and then ignore you?

Any other opinions out there?


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  • their playing games with you

    • care to get into detail? This person is 3 years younger than I am.

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    • I asked that and they ignored it.

    • also, I asked will we ever see each other again and they said yea.

  • I've had people tell me they miss me WHILE ignoring me otherwise, so I understand your frustration.
    They're basically just feeding you lines. For whatever reason, they feel it's necessary to say such things, to hook you in and keep you thinking they really do miss you (or care, etc.) but the fact is, if they truly missed you, they wouldn't ignore you.
    You should just ask... "Hey, you say you miss me, what's going on? Are you just busy or are you ignoring me for a reason?"
    Open those doors of communication so that you guys can get to the bottom of things.
    If, even after it's been confronted, they're still feeding you lines, I wouldn't trust that person and I'd just keep them as a casual acquaintance or friend, nothing more.

    • I've already asked and thats when the person started to ignore me. You're right, they are just feeding me lines. Thanks you've been very helpful.

    • I'm sorry to hear that, it sucks!
      But now you know and can move on to someone who WON'T feed you lines!
      You're very welcome, I wish you the best!

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