He suddenly changed and distanced himself?

I'm in the long distance relationship with this guy for almost a year, we had our ups and downs but we overcame it well. Until about a week ago, he suddenly pulled himself away, less call, less talk then nothing at all. I tried to call him until I gave up so for two days until now I let him go.
We argued before he started pull himself away and that was because he joined the car racing which he already promised me not to do anymore but we solved the problem very well though, I tried to understand his passion of the fast cars and race and I told him that he can do it as long as he let me know before. I was kinda worry that he's talking back to his ex super sexy girl best friend who once tried to separate us. Guys, what should I do? I love this guy so much.
I just let him go so he can have the space he needs now. But on the other side, I don't wanna lose him. So, what should I do?


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  • Hi. I had an ldr for two years. The reason we broke it off well mainly me is because he was distant which i know i made him distant by judgin his career decision and trying to controll his passion of founding his own business since i believe it is hard for a startup works and he is 29 already. So when he became distant at first i didn't get it and when we said it is over, i also think that there was a new girl local. Really one super cute girl who is best friend of his best friend's gf and a stalker ugly ex whi always tried to get him back even after three years. after we broke up, maybe a month later, i noticed he saved his Facebook password and gmail on my IE which i never use but mozilla was crushed and i needed to dowload it. So i saw it and i just clicked login. It was shameful cuz i nvr requested email or fb password during our relationship. There was really no girl he was talking. He was not even flirting with the ones whose messages were obvious and he was really focused on what he told me that he is gonna do. I saw his google search history too and everyhing was about what he wanted to do.

    In short, it s not another girl. If he was going for ldr for one year and was willing to patch things up when u had ups&downs, it means he really loved u and cared about u. And so it is not a blink of an eye that he is over u and already fell fir a local girl and ditched u. He needs time until a new girl and he needs to heal before going for a new relationship. I think he is not a jerk since he wouldn't go for ldr if he was. So trust me. U didn't even have a final concluding convo. Give him time and space and he ll talk to u to either patch things up or to break up. And dont go over his obsessions and dont try to cobtrol. I know u r worried but he s a grown man who can take care of himself. Remember u r not his mom, ur his gf and u need to support him. A man gotta do what he gotta do. So relax and give time to urself too to look over things. Trust me, experience talks.

    • Thanks girl, that's comforting me a lot. Yeah, I found out that a man needs time to hide in his "cave". Yeah we've been through a lot and we still survived. Two days a go we were still had a passionate video chat, then I "lost" him. I'm pretty sure that this is all the "rubber band" moment of him, last time we talked we discussed a lot about the race. He finally said sorry for being a dickhead and race behind my back and I told him that I will fully support him on his next race.
      well, I give him space now. I stopped trying to call him since last night. I only sent him the "open when letter" via email this morning. Hopefully he'll be back to me, but whatever it is I just want him to be happy.

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  • I hate to say it but you need to let it go. Long Distance relationships never work. And when they get distant like that, they've found someone local. Just move on, you've already lost him.


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