How to proceed with this?

I recently went on a little weekend trip with a couple of my girl friends, and while we were there I was texting this guy (who lives back home). I was telling him about this art gallery we had gone to and he asked if I took any pictures of the art. I told him I had some on my actual camera but didn't take any on my phone and he responded by saying "I want to see them"

Background: I was friends with this guy for two years until I confessed to really liking him, then we stopped talking for roughly a year. This was only the second time we had spoken since I confessed my feelings. I don't like him like that anymore but I would really like to be friends with him again.

I'm back home now, so should I send him the pictures or should I ask him to meet up so I can show him?


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  • Let him know straight up that you're over him (tell him: you got friendzoned), but you wouldn't mind hanging out and showing him the pix.

    Leave the ball in his court.


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