Am I being selfish for telling her I won't wait for her?

So me and this girl have been seeing each other the past month which we have mainly spent in bed together, We have kinda planned the next few months ahead together.

Previous to this so called conversation we had about us, she tells me she is also dating this guy who she met at work who was here on holiday. In present time, now she's flying to spend the weekend with him and has been quite secretive about it and kinda denies "dating" and previously having sexual relations, bud then readmits when i pull her up on it. ( she obviously forgets everything she tells me ) At first she told me she was flying to see her great uncle. until i reminded her she had already told me she was going to see this other guy.

Am I dick or selfish for telling her i won't wait for her to get back from her trip?
I feel like i'm being toyed around, I know she's going to "chose" me over him cause I obviously live a hell of a lot closer than him, but i'm ready to walk according to her plans.

On top of this she is extremely jealous, and is always concerned with who is texting me, and claims everyone wants to fuck me.

I'm ready to walk, but not sure if it's the best way to go about it? or should I really not be concerned about this other chump?

Thanks everyone for their solid input, and for everyone's information. Ignoring phase 1 has begun! :)


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  • Jesus! She sounds like a horrible partner. Run away and don't look back. She is crazy.

    If I knew my girl was going to bang another guy the idea of me being selfish flies out the window and so would she, because there is no way I would ever consider being involved with that person again. She is a lying manipulative and soon to be unfaithful partner. What more do you need to know?

    I guarantee you that this isn't the first time she had cheated on you as well. I'm sure the are countless others you don't know about and will never know about.

    Get out of the spell this witch has put over you, dump her and move on.

    • So well written, thank you

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  • Lying is the biggest red flag, and her accusing you of guilt tripping her, another big red flag.
    Honestly, I would just walk away from her.

    Plus, what gives her the right to be jealous when she's the one with another dude?

  • Leave. She can't be trusted, and she's nuts.

  • She's going to spend the weekend in another dude's company (bed). Why would you even consider to continue dating her? Will you even want to touch her after knowing where she was? Not a relationship material, for sure. You can do better.

    • It's pretty immoral to be sleeping with someone else if your more than intimately seeing someone right? Like even as a guy I wouldn't do that.

  • Sounds like she's just keeping you around for when it's convenient for her.

  • You are being toyd with. She is being selfish. Don't let her convince you you are being selfish. People like this are often very manipulative. Don't waste your time when you could be out meeting someone better.

    • I have plenty of other girls to see and date which is why i'm happy to walk but I was thinking maybe cause we weren't official it may have been reasonable. But I fee like shit, so i've started to ignore her

  • I was in a similar situation. Guy turned out to be a douche. I left him and feel like I dodged a bullet. I'm happy! Do the same.

  • Just tell her how you feel, Lying especailly to see a guy is a major red flag. Talk to her , and tell her how you feel. Point out why you feel this way. Her reaction will give away the answer. If she gets mad at you or seems nervous, I think it's time to break up but, if she is calm and willing to make it better, then you should keep her.

    • I gave her a text when I got home, she said I was guilt tripping her and make her feel like crap. But really I was opening up to her and in no way was trying to be provocative.

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    • Welll we're not 100% official as i've been so weary of her, though we have talked about being together and taking it slow over the next 6 months, It would just mean I will stop talking to her.

    • End it mate, now! And never speak to this girl again for your own sake.

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  • You're being sane. Ditch the hoe.

  • She is a hypocrite. She is seeing (and probably screwing) another guy, lying about it inconsistently. And she has the gall to get jealous when you *might* be texting another girl? If she can see someone else, so can you. At least that would be honest and fair. Dump her and never look back.

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