Is it the end or just a break?

I was dating one guy All summer... In the beginning it was great but then our connection was becoming weaker because we didn't spend much time together (approximately once a week we went out together)... before I went on holidays one month ago, I texted him to inform him that Im leaving and said that we could meet up before Im gone... He asked me questions like when/where/why I was going there and when i was back... I didn't know for how long I was leaving but I said that I would be back before the uni starts... He didn't meet me. I thought he didn't care much about me but then, he texted me after 2 weeks: how my holiday was and so on and he was kind, however, it was a short conversation. I asked him if he was okay too and he said Yes. After couple of days he texted me to ask if I was back and I said Yes. He asked why I didn't tell him but I said that I didn't know he wanted me to tell him when I was back (since he didn't meet me before I left). He replied that I was being silly and I wrote a sad face. i waited for 3 days and asked if he wanted to see me on Saturday or Sudnay but he didn't reply since Saturday at All... Do you understand his behavior? Do you think he is going to text me again or is it over?


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  • He's not interested. Seems like he only contacts you when he's lonely/bored. Don't fall for it i used to be that way sadly :l


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