Would a guy hold your stare if he thought you were ugly? Or would he look at you?

when i work out, me and my trainer ALWAYS make eye contact. I normally look away but lots of times ill look up and catch him already staring at me and he doesn't even smile but has an almost "sexual" intense look and i normally look away (play it off) or else he wouldn't. Does this mean anything or am i thinking too much into it? Would a guy. hold a stare if he thought you were ugly?


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  • Would you hold a stare at someone you thought were ugly?


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  • Look at his pupils when he is staring at you since they are a good indicator of attraction. Also take into account the lighting but I'm sure your gym doesn't have dim lights or anything. If his pupils are huge when you catch him staring then he is interested. A trainer at my gym would always talk to me and I noticed his pupils were always dilated and huge so I looked up what it meant and turns out he is into me.

  • Who knows...
    Everyone's different...