Never Dated... Never Will?

I've been rejected many times, and it made my attitude from bad to worse. There was some code I never met. For someone who pre-promised to be a good partner I surely never got one.

I felt segregated, and not sure I'd ever really want to date knowing I was treated like this in general.

I am cynical by nature, however I am good overall. I judge based on looks, even with guys, to establish "social standards". Even though I try to be nice, there is something inside saying I never will.

Not sure if I could ever date.

It would be an everlasting disaster.

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What Girls Said 1

  • i know your fed up but keep your head up it happens to us all.. guys tend to find love later than woman do...


What Guys Said 2

  • what theshewolf is saying is that girls might settle for you later. fuck that. you gotta have more dignity than that.

    more and more men are going their own way. you're not alone

  • look up David Wygant or Johnny Berba!