When a guy who texts you everyday stops one day but calls without any reason instead?

This guy and i have been texting everyday for 2 weeks and he has always been the one initiating everything. Then one day i never got a text from him but he called me without a reason for around 5 minutes, but told me to hang out soon before he ended the call. The next day he never texted as well. I find it pretty weird considering we've been texting all along since the beginning. What does this mean though? So i probably shouldn't expect texts from him as often anymore thereafter?


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  • I think its great that he called you! You have 10x more REAL conversation on the phone for 5 minutes than in 100 texts. Texts are misread and misinterpreted all the time.

    If he's calling you, he likes you.

    Try calling him one day, or if you really don't like talking on the phone, why don't you text him first? he's probably sick of doing all the chasing :-)

    • I see, i guess i would try to talk to him first if he still doesn't contact me in like three days. But im kind of bothered about the fact that him not contacting me the next day has got to do with my reply to his question: did you miss me? I replied like: no why would i? its only been a few days (since we met up) but not in a serious tone... though im worried now that he might not be able to tell sigh

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    • oh in the hopes of him contacting me in the coming days and then i was actually thinking too much about that? but i guess i would text him first if he still doesnt... im just confused at this point bcus im not sure about my feelings for him yet :-(

    • Hmm if you aren't sure you like him, then how cone you're so worried? :-) seems like you do like him because you can about him not texting?

      If I were you, I would just get it over and done with. You might find that he does respond and you don't like him, He doesn't respond and you do like him, etc...

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  • Well you know back in the old days, people used to use the telephone to CALL each other, and TALK to each other so they can hear each other's voices instead of just being text on a screen.

    I give him props for manning up and calling you. You are a human being and so is he. Communicate with each other as such.


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  • If he's been texting you all along and then he stops for a day, it either means he lost interest or he's testing you. The fact that he called you shows it's the second one. He still likes you, but wants to know if you feel the same way about him. Are you replying to his texts just to be polite, or do you really like him? He is hoping you will text on the days he doesn't reach out to you. If you're not comfortable calling him, you don't have to, and if you don't know what to say, just send him a "Good morning!" text one morning.

    • I think im starting to like him back, just that im still not exactly sure about it yet. I forgot to mention he asked if i missed him but i told him no why would i when i saw you a few days ago. I knew my tone wasn't serious but i dont know if he knew, actually. Do you think that might be the reason he stopped texting me? Like he thought i probably didn't like him back?

    • Yeah, he's probably waiting for you to show that you like him back

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