My Boyfriends Kids :)?

So.. im pretty serious with this guy but he has kids and a baby momma that doesn't like me. I love his kids and they love me. Me and him are going to take pictures soon and i was wondering should we take some together and then take some with the kids or just leave it at just me and him. He wants his kids to be involved in almost everything and i dont want to be a jerk and say no.

Also i wanted to save the pics with his kids for Christmas but im not sure..


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  • Doing things with his kids will gurantee your spot with him but their mother won't like it much

    • She dont like me anyway. i dont want to do anything that will make her try to keep the kids away from him

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    • Your welcome

    • Thank you i hope i helped shine some light on your situation

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  • always a lot of drama with these type of relationships

    • Whats his age?

    • 26 and his baby momma 22. Of course she dont like me casue im with him but i dont want to do something and get gets real enraged and try to keep the kids from him or fight me you know?

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  • Go for it, if its what makes you, him and the kids happy then I don't see the problem. It's normal she won't like it but forget her