What type of profile picture would men like to see on an online dating profile?

I have a picture on match that shows my body from head to toe, in a cute top and shorts. I wanted men to see that I have a great body. However, I feel they may see it the wrong way. What type of picture should a girl put to get noticed? And what should she wear?


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  • A close up of your smiling face. A picture of you head to toe dressed in something that shows how cute and sexy you are. Pictures of you having fun or being silly.

    Please, no more pictures of:
    -you pushing the luggage cart into platform 9 3/4
    -drugged tigers in Thailand
    -Macchu fucking Picchu
    -you holding a baby or small child
    -you with another good looking dude
    -duck face
    -MySpace angles
    -holding your dog or cat
    -just your dog or cat
    -memes and eCards


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  • Your picture is the type of pic I would like to see as I can see how she is physically as a whole. Sure, appearance isn't all but if a woman tries to hide her body is a sign that she's not confident.
    I think your picture is good, but most guys in those sites look for hookups so maybe you don't give that type of vibe.

    Dating sites takes time though. I used POF for a week and got nothing. I eventually got tired and deleted it.

  • it depends on what you want. If you're just looking for a fling, a body pic with minimal clothing will serve that purpose. If you want a boyfriend, a waist-up picture in a sweater or something of that nature..

  • Body pic is good, a close up face pic is good.

  • I love shorts, I love great bodies.
    I do not know what you mean by wrong way.

    As a general rule... the sluttier your picture, the more attention you'll get.

  • I prefer sideways selfie threw a mirror with knees up pic and booty shorts type (Jeans torn) and a sleeveless t of any kind.

  • man like PP's which make them curious to know about that girl, attract them,


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