Why not me? Am I too ugly or what?

Dont ask me i won't put photo at all. I am 5'2, 116 lbs, normal size boobs, tanned skin with lighter brown natural and long hair (little longer than waist) and with hazel eyes. I study engineering graduate program and i am actively involved in student leadership and i am basically an active person with hobbies like trail running, hiling, camping, snowboarding and i like parties once in awhile and am a social drinker. I vare about my clothing, make up and hair to look good. I am not sexy or pretty but i think i am cute. But it seems like nothing is enough to attravct handsome guys' attention at all. They all date with either overweight girls or really ugly ones. And i always attract attentions of really really fat guys with lots if acnes. I dont turn them down in q harsh way thou, i am kind and simply i tell them i am not interested in them datingwise but i become friends so no i dont treat them unfaurly because they are overweight or unattractive to me. So i have a clean record of treatment. Also relationshipwise i had a 2 year relationship and i was faithful and it was a ldr but now it s been a year and i am still single, people flirt with me and i am flirting back but they never ask me out. Am i ugly or over confident or overly successful scary woman? What do they think about me that they dont ask me out? What am i doing wrong? by the way i am really not a depressed person nor i am easy to have sex on the first date. But i need advises what i shoukd do to attract handsome and smart man to be interested in me instead of over weights or jerks? Thanks


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  • "They all date with either overweight girls or really ugly ones. And i always attract attentions of really really fat guys with lots if acnes." That's it. You are superficial, and a little arrogant.

    • u think so cuz u r overweight and ugly?

    • It doesn't matter if I am ugly or not, I am being frank with you. The guy BearsAnswers put it well.

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  • In general, handsome guys prefer to date pretty girls. If you are finding handsome guys are dating girls that heavier than you, and less attractive than you, then it 100% is your personality.

    A woman being successful is not a problem. A woman being confident is not a problem. Both of those are generally even bigger perks. The language you use in the question does seem to indicate a lot of arrogance though. It reads like you have princess syndrome, and that is going to be a far bigger turn off to most guys than a bit of extra weight. If your previous relationship was long distance, the personality issues probably wouldn't have come into effect as much, as the person would need to deal with it in person on a day to day basis.

    You can be sure though that if guys are dating 'uglier' girls than you, and not you, that the problem is not with looks but with personality and attitude.

  • I'll give you my opinion...

    • right after I snag the first opinion and when I'm at home...

    • Well, generally attractive people date other attractive people. There are exceptions, but such is generally the case. I somehow doubt the women these attractive men are dating are as ugly as you think they are.

      I think that there is probably something about the way you come across to men that might be off-putting. Since I can't see your profile pic, I don't know if it's your appearance or not. I'm guessing it's something in the way you speak to them. I notice you say they flirt with you and you flirt with them, but they never ask you out. Perhaps you could try asking them out?

      By the way, it's interesting you refer to obese women as "overweight," and obese men as "fat."

  • you can't get a boyfriend, your such a loser , XD OMG ROFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLL.


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