Is she really interested or confused with me?

So me and this girl have been going out for about 3 months and have known each other for about 6.

We have only hung out in person about 3-4 times so far. We both have busy schedules.

I noticed that she a lot of times has either taken time off work or schedules it so if I ask her out to something she finds a way to make it.

She seems comfortable with me and even at one point in a car ride touched my thigh. I don't think it was a sexual thing, but more of a reaction of me acting I was sad about a joke she made of me.

I guess I am trying to figure out if she is interested or not? Last time I asked her she said she doesn't know about the future. She wants to enjoy the moment now. So does that mean she isn't interested?

She told me day 1 that she just looking to meet people and if she finds a relationship out of it, then that's something she would be happy with.

So the question is what does she want? Since I don't get her at all. We are going on a night trip in a few days where her and I will get more time to be together. We haven't done any hand holding or anything. I'm thinking maybe I just go with it and see what she does or says?


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  • It seems like she is interested, but scared at the same time. She dosent trust maybe because she thinks of you as a player or someone not looking for a relationship. Since you are spending time with her, get closer to her, talk about personal stuff, smile more, hold eye contact, hug... if she mentioned relationships then friends with benifts is out of the picture. If she tries to get away when you touch her, or gets uncomfortable then she is just looking for a close guy friend. When you are confessing your love for her, tell her that if this dosent work our then you guys can go back to being friends

    • Yeah she has never had a relationship before and said she is scared of being used. I'm not that type though to sleep with her and ditch her. I told her I want a relationship as well. We talk a lot about personal stuff she tells me a lot about her life. In fact she even baked me some stuff at night and came over to give it to me. So I'm thinking she likes me.. I'm just thinking if I should do something more forward like next time I see her and we are walking just grab her hand gently and hold it as we talk and walk.

    • Does she have a lot of guy friends? Is she the really nice or sweet girl? It seems like she likes you, but holding hands can wait a while. Start with baby steps just has putting your arm almost around her when watching a movie and hugging. You need to have prepared excuse incase she asks you, why you are holding her hand. If she dosent say anything, blushes, smiles, or looks on the ground or anywhere else.. then she is interested.

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  • I would say interested but she is nervous round you


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