He lied about being on Tinder?

Guy I've been seeing for two months assured me yes, he still had the Tinder app but he doesn't go on it. I told him a little after I had met him that I deleted it but when he started to seem distant I got it back. Apparently I matched with one of his friends. He caught me out and I told him the honest truth about why I joined it again. Then I told him I had deleted it for good. But it's been a month since then and we've gotten closer. We meet up like twice a week and talk on the phone for hours- 4 hours just two nights ago. Two dates ago he thought I was being suspicious with my phone and straight up asked me if I was seeing other guys. Apparently it's ok, no he wouldn't like the idea, but since we're having sex he has to be careful with STD's. I told him it was my mom I was texting (It was!!) and he said he believed me. But then I made this fake Tinder, found him to be active not too long ago AND matched with him :( So he is actively on Tinder. I messaged him on it and if he responds, I don't know what to do. Because he straight up lied to my face. I have never lied to him. Me rejoining Tinder was just with-holding info. Besides, we still say we're casual... yet commit to only hanging with each other. What do I do?
Like,.. he lied twice.


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  • so you two are just dating? well I wanna say its okay if he's keeping his options open but its not because he basically went against his own words and is being a hypocrite lol. basically, he's not going about it the right way. seems like the controlling type fosho but I don't know enough to properly judge fyreals.


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  • I would confront him about it, though gently.


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  • Well, technically, logging in on such sites will give one an active status. Which does not mean he is entertaining ideas of dating or hooking up with others.

    Now if he responds to your fake profile's message by inquiring about dating you, then, and only then, do you have a case. Until then, do not assume he is guilty.


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