Why is he acting weird?

I'll try to keep this short. I work at a deli/sub place. I had a customer that would come a couple times a week. I got his number we planned to hang out in June, then he disappeared for a month, and stopped coming to my job. One day he came with friends, they got subs and he just stood there staring. A few days later he texted me and we tried again. In July I felt he wasn't interested and we stopped talking. 5 days later he texted again. Between July and August we hung out only twice, a month in between each time. The second time he tried to hook up and I rejected it, I'm not like that. I tried to explain, but he wasn't having it. A month passed since and he's started coming back to my job (I've had coworkers tell me), driving down my street.. idk. My friend that told him I was interested said he tried to smile like everything was fine but it's weird. There are soo many other stores way closer, but chooses to come to my job. What's his deal?


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  • He is so stupid. He likes you but only wants to hook up. If it is bothering you file a restraining order for stalking.

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