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My mom passed away in July. The girl I have feelings for sat with me at the service, although she and my mom had never met. I was vulnerable, and asked her, and she was very kind in offering moral support. Am I misreading it, or is it possible that there is something more than friendship there? I mean, this is something you kind of have to put your heart on the line for. Not everybody would do this.


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  • For me if a guy asked me to come to his moms funeral as long as I knew him decently well I would go. I would not have to really like him or be a close friend. I am often told I am too nice so this may just be me... I dunno. There is always a chance that she does like you though so you should definitely ask her about it.

    • I'd say that even if it's nothing further than friendship, it it still a very considerate thing to do. I think we are pretty good friends, with a lot of the same interests. That said, I've never had the confidence to ask these kind of questions.

  • This is a really tough one. She either is really into you or considers you a dear friend. You won't know until you ask though!


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