Why does he run away? and act like this with his ride?

I have awkward conversations with this guy because he doesn't talk much He also avoids me at times and it's really obvious. Then at times he comes to me and says hi like last week I didn't know he was behind me and he came and sat with me on the bus but again awkward conversation and he didn't even say bye properly. Then a bit after that I was waiting for my train and I noticed him coming looking at his newspaper walking really slowly I looked at him and then he looked up and we both smiled then he came over. When we sat on the train I noticed my leg touched his and he quickly readjusted himself :/ then a couple days ago he was on my train I didn't notice I only saw at the last stop but he was looking down so I just walked out of the train and as I was waiting for my ride I saw him walk to the side of me quickly to his car without looking. Whenever his ride comes and we are talking he quickly says bye like he's scared of his mom or something. He's not like this with other girls like he has tons of friends who are girls and popular So why does he act like this with me We do tend to run into eachother a lot I tend to ignore it but does he think I'm a stalker lol.
Recently I was waiting for my ride and his was there he again walked by without looking at me then as he opened his door he started turning his head to what looked like my direction I could be wrong. Is he scared of his mom lol Ps we both are 20


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