Very sad and confused. Is he not interested anymore?

We r both in gradschool and busy 60-80hrs of work/wk. Dating him for 5wks. First two wks were amazing. He opened up about his family, told me a million times that he liked me, was enjoying himself, and that he liked this or that about me. I was seeing him between 2-5 times a wk for the first 2 wks. We had sex early but we continued to go on romantic dates with no sex after that, so I knew he didn't just want to see me for sex. Third week, he got super busy with work. I still saw him for a romantic date that week. The 4th week we tried planning something, but he kept apologizing saying he was too stressed and busy but he did try to set up something. He kept asking for my schedule for the week, but nothing worked. 5th week we made plans to go to a music festival. I happened to see him on Thursday of that week but it was kindof a quicky booty call type date. i didn't think too much about it because we had plans to go to the festival on sunday. he even insisted saying he didn't want me to go with anyone else because he wanted to go with me. we were supposed to have breakfast before festival. he texted Saturday night at1am saying he had just left his grad lab and that he couldn't make it to breakfast and was too stressed. the festival was still on. Sunday he texted first thing in the morning to say that it was raining. it was implied that he didn't feel like going bc he didn't say more than that. i answered saying we could go some other day. 4 days and no word yet :(

He texted to apologize. It was a pretty good, sincere apology but he made no mention of wanting to continue to date. I then asked if he still wants to date each other. That was 3 hrs ago... still no reply. ugh!


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  • I would give it some time. It does seem that he is stressed and he did try to do something but both of your schedules didn't work out. As she said below, surprise him with something nice. Good luck!


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  • Sounds like he's just really busy and stressed. you should do something sweet to surprise him, like bake him something or make him some soup.

    • You are the girl all guys dream about

    • lol thank you but that is probably not true. I just have some experience in this. I am also in Medical school and I know how stressful it can be, having someone that does the little things for you can make you feel really special.