Should I Keep on the Chase?

I've been talking to this girl for about three months now, and at first we were texting pretty often, sometimes she would text me first, most of the time I'd start the convos. We're both pretty busy people, so I try not to text her too much in the fear of seeming annoying or overly persistent. As a result I only end up texting her about once a week, and she never, ever texts first. She usually seems quite into the conversations when I do text her but randomly cuts out sometimes and ceases to reply. We used to call each other pretty often, but that seemed to trail off, too.

In the past I've tried to arrange waterfall hiking dates which her, to which she said she was really excited to go, but responded with "I'll let you know if I'm free..." and then proceeded to never let me know. I'm getting mixed signals from her and it bugs me. The question in the end is: should I keep trying with this girl, or move on?


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  • This is kind of tough dude. because on one hand to any girl you sound like the PERFECT guy. Not many girls will text first because they don't want you to think that she was thinking about you ( girl logic is confusing). So from my perspective you are showing regular interest and making plans with her (girls love that) and if she isn't responding to it that well maybe you should move on. Because if those were your techniques I don't think you would have trouble finding another girl :)
    Good Luck

    • Awwh thanks :D I just feel like moving on is tough though, because building that connection up again takes time and a lot of effort. We got pretty close, talking about life, relationships, and family. I guess I just need to cut my losses and take some time to build up my motivation again :$

    • Yeah that's a good idea, but maybe don't cut her out completely keep your communication open but start to look for a new girl. Yes it will take time to build that connection again but the end result is kind of worth it right? And I don't think its worth much to keep pursuing someone who isn't showing that much interest. YOU GOT THIS BRO

    • Thanks for the advice and the vote of support! Much appreciated :)

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