Does anyone have any tips for a 22 year old eccentric virgin to get laid?

I'm a 22 year old virgin. I moved from Chicago to New Jersey a week ago. I'm 6 feet tall 190 lbs. very athletic. I'm also very brainy and artsy. I'm not big on social media, the latest trends, or fancy clothin, but I'm willing to try it.


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  • LOL at elast you're positive if you're so pumped 6ft tall and athletic why are you still a virgin if you dont want to be.

    • I've had like 7 oppuritunities, but i use to be a prude.

    • Oh well then for your first time id recommend not being drunk or on any drugs because it just won't be the same, condoms, and let the girl put your dick in if you're gonna have a hard time finding where to get it. Depends on how you know her but i wouldn't let her know you're a virgin.

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  • get a prostitute?

  • Uh, get married? Find a good girlfriend? Give yourself to someone worth it? Those are a few options.


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