I have a crush on a guy in my class how do I get him to notice me?

We both like my favorite band BVB and Anime but he doesn't know because whenever i wear a BVB shirt im always wearing my black hoodie and i don't bring my anime stuff because whenever i try to wear color everyone points it out and it annoys me. A month ago i had to do a project with him and my friend who is his friend too and he wouldn't talk to me cause he seemed nervous


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  • Dont worry about people pointing out your colors wear your bvb are whatever and ask him if he likes it

    • Ok i guess i kind of don't have much colorful clothing but i do have bracelets so i guess ill wear those

    • Beautiful

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  • Well you could try to ask him out or something or tell him how you feel?

    • I would but i feel like he hates me

    • I don't think he hates you when you said he get nervous around you... Sometimes when a guy is nervous towards a girl he has a crush on her but is too scared to admit it he could be thinking you hate him.

  • Wear the BVB shirt without the hoodie, then?

  • Maybe find a way to spend some time alone together, maybe an afternoon or weekend


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