Does religion determine your relationship?

Me and my boyfriend once talked about our future. What scared me the most was when he talked about our religions. He's baptist, he's religious but doesn't really show it, and he actually told me that he wasn't sure if his friends would approve of him being with a non-christian. That really hurt me. I'm buddhist but i'm really open minded. I support him in everything he believes. I wouldn't mind going to church or even having kids who are raised christian. I just believe in being a good person. The only thing I want is for him to accept me the way I am. What's your opinion and do you believe this should affect our relationship?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Well im a christian and we're expected to end up with christians as we feel that being with a non christian is a recipe for disaster. I know couples like u two though and ss long as you cool with him and hisd beliefs and whatnot then you can prove people wrong


What Girls Said 1

  • His friends opinion shoudnt matter, it's his opinion that matter most. And the major problems are the children which if you are okay with being Christians. So there is nothing to worry about. As long as you both respect each other's religions.. that everything will be fine.