What should I do when I know she had a boyfriend when I first met her in June/July, but now we are starting to see each other?

I met this girl at work three or four months ago and thought she was really cute. Eventually during some free time at work she came over and we started talking to each other. She is from Honduras and speaks Spanish, so there is a bit of a language barrier, but I speak passable Spanish. Anyways, she asked me if I had a wife, or a girlfriend, or anything and I told her no. When I asked her the same she said she had a boyfriend in Honduras. This was in the June-July area of time.

After that we spoke every once in awhile, but it was never anything deep or meaningful, just "Hey how are you?" and stuff. Anyways, last weekend a different coworker (F) was having a party. The Honduran girl (S) had mentioned it before and asked if I was going and I had told her no because I had a friend's birthday party to go to.

The night of the party rolls around and F asked I was going to go and I said probably not, I have a different party to go to first at least, but I might show up later. Then she asked S if she was still coming and she said no, she didn't feel like it. So, I texted her and asked if she really wasn't going. She said she didn't think so. So, I responded that was too bad. She asked if I was going and I said that I was probably going to show up a bit later, the other party was kind of far away and apparently costume themed which I wasn't prepared for. She then said "Well, if you're going then I will go."

I meet up with her at the party and talk to her on and off through the night. Eventually people start leaving and going to bed, etc, and I notice the guys she had come to the party with had gone. Apparently they had gotten bored and went to go dance at a bar or something. I offered her a ride home and she accepted. We got to her house, I got out of the car to walk her to the door, and when I hugged her goodbye I went to pull back and then she pulled me back in and kissed me.

So the question: what do I do? See poll and/or comment.

  • Continue like nothing is amiss, because there probably isn't.
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  • Continue like nothing is amiss, and bring it up later if we start to get serious.
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  • Ask her if she still has the boyfriend in Honduras now and if yes, say thanks, but no thanks.
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  • Ask about the boyfriend now and just hope it is a no.
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  • Other.
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  • either C or D haha I guess preferably D. you should find out before you get in too deep.

  • Dnt make the same mistake I did... if she has a bf den tell her its not rite for u to see her "in that way" I'm Honduran n trust me Goin through hell with sumtin like tht no es bueno... jus sayin... she'll see that if you tell her tht she has teeo make a choice to make between you and her otha man she did sumtin wrong... just becareful


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