Leading a girl on? I'm lost?

So I've recently started talking to this girl, we text each other all day about our days or random stuff. She's admitted that she's not a texter at all and doesn't text anyone as much as she does me. Now I've recently gotten out of a relationship, I'm single, not looking for a relationship, however all my interactions with women I'm interested in are not solely physical. I'm basically testing the waters seeing what's out there. Well this girl is, I feel, way more into me than I am her. When we first met she said she was not looking for a friends with benefits situation, she said that's what happened with the last guy she was with. Well as it's progressed and as she's begun to like me more, she's basically told me she's okay with that situation. I feel like she's just agreeing to it because she wants to just get closer to me, but I don't want to just take advantage of her like that. I have not slept with her yet, just went out on a few dates and kissed a few times, nothing serious. But I'm not looking to move into that next level just because she wants to get closer to me. I'm lost, she's a cool person, but I'm just not into her as anything more than friends, or a potential friend with benefits. Do I break it off to avoid her getting hurt in the long run? Or do I trust that she'll be able to keep the emotions out of the situation and be able to handle it?


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  • I wouldn't be surprised if she's already brought emotions into the mix. Dont lead her on, best to break it off early than to let her fall for you and be crushed later.

    • I can see that.. I just got a flirty hearty text message from her asking if I was still up.. She practically is inviting herself into my bed. Part of me wants to absolutely, but logically I don't want to hurt her emotionally... How do I break it off without hurting her?

    • You cant. You just have to do it in a way that will hurt LESS. Just tell her you're emotionally unavailable.

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  • Dont do it! She is just going to get hurt! She may act cool with it but deep down she expects something serious to eventually come from it

    • That's what I'm afraid of! But how should I break it off? She's pretty much inviting herself into my bed. I have way too much respect for women to just take advantage of her like that. Nor do I just sleep with anyone. But if she's that into me, I'm afraid I'll just be hurting her more later..

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    • I just feel bad because I feel like I led her on and misrepresented what I was looking for. I'm far too busy for a relationship, and I'm not emotionally ready for that. I'm still comparing women to my ex girlfriend, with whom I'm still in love with.. I'm so confused.. Women are confusing...

    • Just tell her that you had no intention of leading her on and would never think of hurting her. It's not going to be easy! Good luck :)

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