Hey mates.. should I clear my mind up with this girl before moving on to the next one?

hey chaps..

for the past 7 months, I have an issue of getting this girl out of my mind..

We both started seeing each other more frequently last September, at first.. we just go grab dinner, watch an movie.. but after a few more times, we got more closer with each other.

for instance, we both were at her friend's party and I caught her looking at me from across the room.. she was seeing me talking with one of her friends.

another example, we both went out to dinner one night and during dessert, she came across the table and fed me with her spoon.

then during Thanksgiving, she sent me a text' I'm really thankful to have you in my life' and I returned the same text..

I don't know how many countless nights were we both would spend with each other studying... she would be over at my place and I'm at hers.

All these things we were doing, it made me to think we are a couple.. we do things as a couple, our friend's saw there's an spark between us.. we get worried with each other when we haven't text for a day..

and then one night, she asked me if I had feelings for her, do I like her more than a friend.. and I admitted to her, 'I have feelings for you.. I want to be exclusive with you, I want to put a title to it' ; in return, I asked her the same question and it was the same answer.. and we kissed and ever since then, we haven't talk..

in my mind, it still boggles me.. I didn't get the ending I would like and I don't know if I should begin into another relationship with this in the back of my mind.

should I call her up and get the answer? cause it would be really bad of me to start the new relationship with this girl but at the same time, i don't want to be 50/50, I want to be 100% clear before moving on.

because, this new girl I been talking to.. she sent all these good night, good morning text. and I don't want to miss an opportunity to start something serious..



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  • I'm sure you've heard the phrase, close one door beforre you open another. Honestly, I'd pump the breaks with this new chick until you have a conversation with the other. That ending was super confusing, and I think you deserve an explanation. Even if it's not the answer you want, you can move on with a clear head and no what ifs.

  • Get her out of your head before you get a new girl!! You're not ready for the next


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