My boyfriend won't hug me at work?

My boyfriend and I work together... it's always a little awkward cuz it's like at least I wanna show affection but since we're at work it's kinda complicated. It's also awkward cuz we just started dating like a week and a half ago so I think both of us are unsure were the other person stands. Thus we've never hugged, kissed or even held hands..

So last night we were walking and we go to an aisle where it was narrow enough that one of us had to go in front of the other person. He kinda lightly put his arm around me pushing me in front of him. Automatically I started to hug him without thinking. He seemed surprised and was like "What are you doing, trying to hug me? We're at work and hugging at work is called sexual harassment, do you want us to get fired?" Now I know he's not really gonna give a s*** about getting fired. And I'm pretty sure I saw a little bit of a happy smile though he hid it well... So why did he say this? Why won't he hug me at work?


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  • Maybe he was surprised and only blurted that out in a joking manner, if he was hiding a smile. Or, he genuinely wants to keep it professional at work.

    • but should i be worried that he won't hug me at work?

    • No. Some people just aren't into PDA. Besides, you've only been dating for a week. Chillax.

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