Guys, if you call a girl instead of texting?

Just because i know that guys these days text instead of call to communicate. I'm not sure if i'm the only one this guy is dating (not that it matters because we're not exclusive or anything yet). But i was just wondering when a guy is dating other girls as well, will he tend to call them one day when it was always texting? Or the fact that he calls me without any reason shows that he might not be seeing others and is perhaps serious about me? Or he probably calls the other girls as well and it doesn't actually mean anything?


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  • The fact, ohdaisies, that he is Even pushing a button on one end to send you a message is a big thing today. Many text toms today are not as quick on the draw as a girl would want them to be and for him to pick up on This Other end as he is doing is showing me you're Not only Special But-----Perhaps serious about me.
    Take things slow with him. This is a good start to begin your beguine of nurturing and nursing something that could very well Be "Exclusive" down the line, on top of the cake "Official" down this rosy path.
    Many guys don't like to use their cell, would rather text if need be. And for him to put a little more effort into this, I don't think there are others who are waiting on the other side, but if anything, May have to take a number and Wait... In other words, you're the Only one on His 'Hit list,' sweetie.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for letting me lend my own ear and give you a hand here, ohdaisies... Take care and God bless. xxoo

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  • Calling is better and sounds more personal.


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