Semi long distance relation trouble?

I met this guy on a dating site about a month and a half ago. Things started going really well. We began talking about meeting, but then we both go super busy and now almost 2 months into our relationship we still haven't managed to meet up. I'm a big girl (pant size 14/16 bra size 42DDD or 44F)... anyway I've struggled with self image a lot and I'm afraid if I meet up with him, he won't find me attractive. Anyway so yesterday I mentioned that I'm not sure this will work and he agreed. I asked him why he doesn't think he will and he said it just doesn't seem like it. when I asked if he would care more about me if I lost weight he said "well yeah", yet when I asked if he was attracted to me he also said yeah... so do I break it off with him, or wait and hope we get a chance to meet up? he's the first guy in a long time that I've really thought about having sex with... is that all he wants? he never really talks about it though..


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  • With the right guy, it shouldn't matter what you look like, he should love the person that you are, and most importantly, you should love yourself. Never change for anyone but you, and if this guy is really a big enough douche to say "I like you but won't claim you til you lose weight", then dump him. You're already struggling with body image issues, why would you want that negativity from your partner? He's a shallow jerk and you deserve better, but YOU have to believe that!! :)

    • thanks! it's hard because I've only ever dated assholes so i'm used to it

    • It's easy to create a pattern and fall for the same type of guys. Hopefully those experiences will help you spot a jerk for future reference, so u can avoid that all together :) and no prob!

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