Need advice on a crush?

So my question is exactly the same as this one:
girlsaskguys. com/flirting/q1150468-help-with-a-confusing-crush

There's one difference. I'm 12, 13 in January, and he's 14. So academically, he's two years older. I want to ask whether this is too young? And I'm also pretty mature for my age, I get mistaken for 14 because of my personality.

Thank you to whoever posted that question, and to everyone who answers~

*Just take off the space between 'guys.' and 'com'.


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  • Well I don't think dating should have an age tag on it, but you have to remember that thanks to puberty, guys and girls develop sexual interest at different rates with girls generally developing earlier than guys. I remember being 14, news of some girls' crushes on me would find their way to me, but I really wasn't interested until a year or two later. You can go ahead and try, just remember that if he doesn't display romantic interest back it may be nothing personal!


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