Will I ever be able to get him now?

For months now I thought this guy liked me at work. Everyone else did too. He'd only ever come to my till. Hug me a bunch of times. And he's even called me pretty. I really like him and my friend decided shed try to talk to him and set us up. She said some of the guys from the yard think you like me. Which was true. But he told her he would never date a co worker. I've never really had a guys attention before and I really thought this was going somewhere. Why would he even lead me to believe he liked me. And pretty much everyone else we work with thought it too. He's still nice to me but I really like him and know I'll never get him now :(


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  • It is possible to like someone and not to act on it. Ever see Parks & Recreation? It's a tough spot that you are in. I totally understand his position though. Dating a coworker can be tough. If it goes sour, it can affect the entire work place, people start choosing sides, one of both of you is constantly reminded of your failure. The best thing to do would just be to let him know that you're interested and that if/when you're not working together, you'd like to explore what could happen.

    If it means enough to you, then you could get another job. People have done a lot more for love!

  • You could always get a different job then not be his co-worker. :)

    Honestly though I would never date a co-worker either. It just leads to a REAL fiasco if you two break up and still have to work together.


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