My boyfriend said I love you after two weeks of dating.. HELP?

Me and my bf have known eachother for a few weeks, we met online. When we first met, we had instant chemistry, it was great. Weve seen eachother nearly every day since then, we get on really well. I feel very comfortable around him. He asked to meet my parents, he said its because he wants to get into a serious relationship with me, so anyway, I did allow him to, but I told my parents he was just a friend in order for them to know him as a person without pressure, my parents love him so they invited him around again on Friday, he wants me to tell my parents but I don't feel ready yet I just want things to go slowly, he said if I don't tell them he will. I told him to not tell them until I am ready.
Not only that, he said I love you to me last night, I just feel really awkward, because I don't love him and I explained to him that I wanted us to go slowly (ive been really hurt before - he doesn't know that though), I just feel that I can't fall in love with himafter about two weeks, don't think he knows me well enough. He is just becoming so soppy, like he tells me he loves me all the time and the more he says it, I start to disbelieve it and think he's just saying it because he thinks he should.
Don't get me wrong - he is an amazing guy, he's so thoughtful, he's gorgeous and we have so much in common.
I don't know what to do, it just feels sort of suffocating?
Help lol


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  • Yeah I get that. My best advice is to tell him you want to proceed a little more slowly.
    Now, he might not, but he might be controlling. Those guys are red lights flashing all over.
    I had a guy follow me to my classes in HS and wait by the door to walk me to every class.
    So be careful.


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  • Yep. He's being needy and TRYING to keep a woman in his jail without knowing a woman isn't emotionally ready as him.
    ask him to slow down, or you can kiss his ass to go far away from you lol


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  • Bad mistake meeting everyday, explains why he said i love you. Very clingy. Id get creeped out if a guy said that to me, if you like the guy limit meet ups a week.

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