Did I call this guy out.. will I hear from him?

this guy says he likes me. someone sent me a text asking if they knew me and i said no. so i found out the person who likes me.. their friend sent that text. I asked the guy who i knew if he knew the guy who sent the text and he said yes. he asked what he said and i told him.. now i haven't heard anything. I was put off by the text that why i asked the guy who likes me.. but i haven't heard from him. after telling him what his friend wrote

did i do something wrong.. will i hear from him


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  • You told his friend you didn't like him. He thinks you don't like him. So probably not.

  • Okay, the guy who likes you... his friend sent you a text asking if they knew you, right?
    So then you asked the guy who actually likes you if he knew the guy who sent the text, yes?

    I'm very confused by what this all means.
    He was just asking if they knew you... why would someone text YOU to ask if YOU know them?
    Can you give us more information because I'm a little confused about what happened.