Shall I date,... a matured women older than me?

there s a women age about 30-32 and i am 21 U knw 10 years gap bt u knw she Looks so pretty hot and sexy,.. and i am very attracted towards her
I like her so much
and i think she also
shall i date her?


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  • I think it depends on your maturity and if you're a willing to talk about things. What do you want in the relationship? To sleep with her only? Explore a long term relationship?

    I have a crush on a guy who is 10 years younger than me. I'm 31 and he's 21. I look very young so most people think I'm 21-25 years old.

    He's an amazing guy but I hesitate because I would want more than just fun and a lot of young guys only want fun or something short term. Women my age want a man who is focused on career, willing to explore long-term potential, knows how to communicate in a relationship (this is a big one). I have never liked younger guys before, but I adore this man, so it can happen. If he were to show me that he's mature, I would go out with him. For now, I keep my feelings secret.

    If you think she likes you, I say go for it, but be willing to talk about the age difference and what you both are looking for in a relationship.

    Here are some famous couples with an age gaps (older woman, younger man) who work out just fine:

    Julianne Moore and her husband; 9 years age difference

    Hugh Jackman and his wife; 13 years age difference

    Robin Wright and Ben Foster; 14 years age difference

    Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky; 7 years age difference

    Tina Turner and her Swiss sweetheart; 16 years age difference

    • hmmm thanks a lot dear.,
      thankx fr answering
      yeah i like her
      i wanna love her wanna hav eex with her ,
      i wanna lovd her bcause she is so sweet and cute
      i wanna hav sex with her bcauz she is hot and sexy too
      and tell me about ur love
      wats the situation now?

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    • Ok for this
      i will tell u all
      may i inbox u
      meseege u if u dun mind
      and i will tell u all

    • sure, message away. I'm intrigued...

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  • Honestly age doesn't matter. If you find her attractive go for it. Just make sure she has her shit together

    • Hmm thank u
      yeahbi likebher

  • You sound a tad immature for anyone, not discounting a woman 10 years older than you.

    • I like her so much., she is pretty and hot
      and i guess she also like me
      once i help her to find her missing things

    • Wait, what things is she missing? And do you only like her because she is sexy? Lastly, why do you think she likes you?

  • It's could happen I like youngers guys than me

    • Hmm oh really
      and i like older womens than me

  • Yesm if you like her. Hope that she likes you too in that way, this is generally unlikely for a woman that age.

    • hmm thankx a lot dear
      yeah she like me too honey

    • sry fr honey

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  • do whatever the fck you want bro if a 30 yr old lady wants you that is a little weird on her part but who gives a shit just don't get her preggers.