What should I wear to this event?

So I'm going to Rocky Horror on Halloween which means you dress up slutty. That's just how it has to be. I had a bustier, fishnets, and the works.


It's a first date with a guy and I really don't want to send across the wrong message because I would like this relationship to go somewhere. Should I dress respectably or should I just tone down the costume?


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  • Nah, keep the costume. He knows what type of party it is, and you're dressed appropriately for the theme. Go crazy.

    • That is true! I forgot to take into account the guy probably knows what kind of party it is :)

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  • Just tone down the costume. There are plenty characters in that movie that aren't half naked. They may not be major characters, but it doesn't matter.

  • Tone it down, or just accept that Rocky Horror stuff is all about dressing like that and hope he's bright enough to get that too.


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