How does dating and the formation of relationships work?

There's so much controversy over who brings up exclusivity and when and how.

And the funny part is I don't even want to multidate, so technically, I am "exclusive" right from after the first date.

And the even funnier part is that for some people, just because you're exclusive, doesn't mean you're in a relationship...

You've got people telling you it's okay to ask to be exclusive after one date and others waiting until over a year...

And again, what does "exclusivity" even mean?

Then you got people who just say to go with it and eventually you'll get to a point where you both just know that you're a couple. This honestly sounds like the best way... but then again, some people will basically act as if they're your boyfriend or girlfriend and then run when you bring up "exclusivity" [whatever that means (I know at minimum it means that you're not seeing anyone else, but there's also controversy over whether this means you're in a relationship or not)].



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  • I think it all boils down to honest communication.
    If you want an exclusive relationship, SAY THAT!
    If you don't, SAY THAT!
    People get into relationship-like situations basically leading the other person on because they just want to casually date, but they don't want to say that for fear the other person will run because they want a relationship.
    Then you have people getting into it and making the other person think they DO want to casually date but really want a relationship, but they won't say anything because they think the other will run when they hear "relationship".
    It's all so stupid.
    Be open and honest about your intentions.
    Obviously, saying you want to marry someone on a first date is a no-no, but from the very beginning, make it known that you're looking for [insert relationship type here]. People can decide, BEFORE emotions are too intense, if you're both wanting the same things at that moment.

    To me, one of the sexiest things a man can do is say, with no fear, "I want to be with you, and only you!"
    That kind of blunt RISKY honesty drives me wild.

    • Better late than never!

    • Thanks!
      Here's hoping the bump will get you more responses too!

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