Ex boyfriend left me to go back to his wife?

I met this man who at the time was seprated from his wife, they have been seprated for 6 months.
We were dating for 4 weeks and in that time he was always going on about his ex, he was saying horrible things about her and he said he would never get back with her. He also has 2 kids with this women and I have met 1 of them. After 4 weeks off being with him he asked to see me so I met up with him and he told me that he wasn't ready to commit to me because he's only just got out of a relationship with his wife, they were together 12 years. I later find out the real reason why he dump me is because he got back with his wife I was hurt because he told me he wanted to be with me, he introduced me to his friends as his new girlfriend, I even met one of his children and like a fool I book a holiday for us both and put it in his name I am now worried he's going to change the names on the booking so he can take his wife and not me. After we split up I went no contact but he got in touch with me saying he wants to remain friends and I agreed. It's now been almost a month since we split up and I still have feelings for him and we are still in contact as friends although he has said that he wants to meet up for fun behind his wife's back but I said no. He text me everyday from morning to night. He also keeps saying that one of my friends keeps ignoring him but when I ask my friend he said that he hasn't been ignoring, could someone please tell why he lied say my friend was ignoring him when my friend wasnt, this man also lied about his age when I first me him as well. I have asked him what his feelings are towards me and he said he likes me but wants to give his marriage another go, I don't know the reason why him and his wife seprated but from what he's told me they have seprated 3 times before in the past but always got back together, he said his wife is the reason they always split up so why does he keep going back to her if she keeps hurting him. Sorry if this is long.

I don't see how it's my fault, yes I'm still in contact with him but only as friends as much as he's done wrong we both adults. Life's too short to be bitter. Something's are easier said then done i can't just switch my feelings off


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  • I've never dated and I personally wouldn't date someone who I broke up with again if it ended badly but if it was over something stupid i would just laugh and get back together. However if he's treating you horribly you should just go don't be a victim of his bullshit any longer. Just text him: "have a nice life i dont need you anymore." I wouldn't even be friends with him because that in his mind means "oh she still has feelings for me even though she is fronting it off like just "friends" when really she secretly still wants me like a bf" I don't know how i understand the minds of men so well because my guy friends always tell me im spot.

    So move on a recommendation I have is to start learning a new language which might sound bizarre but I actually used to be very depressed and I started learning korean and got into kpop and kdramas and stuff and they're very entertaning and addicting. Submerge yourself in a new culture or a new sport something new to get your mind off of him. You never know, your dream man could be in Korea right now waiting for a beautiful seoul like yours. see what i did there?


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  • He is a legally married man. And, seeing that he carried on and on about his wife during the time he spent with you, nonetheless, you should have had a slight indication, at least, of the strong feelings he has towards his wife. Yet, you chose to continue seeing him and the ensuing inherent consequences of doing so.

    Then, after sometime, you met his inner circle. No problem there, correct? But, then you met one of his kids, which, unfortunately, was the beginning of the end, believe it or not.

    No. Scratch that. Believe it!

    I assume it went something like this: He, or his kid, told his wife the kid met daddy's new girlfriend. The mommy, which is also the wife, became somewhat jealous and reflective and, consequently, asked daddy to come over to talk about things between them. They talked and reconciled.

    And boom, the end of your relationship with him.

  • This is 50% your fault because you continue to deal with him.

    Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.

    Now you see why.

  • move on.

    also, paragraphs...


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